Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I baked a lot of things in this past year and learned to work with royal icing. This post is going to be updated as I make more things.


Christmas 2015 gifts:
  • For a classical music nerd: Icing page of Rachmaninoff Prelude in g minor, on spiced shortbread cutout frames.

  • For the Star Trek fan: Star fleet delta shield insignias from the original series, iced on lemon shortbread cutouts. I made a custom cookie cutter from a ring cut out from a soda can, and piped transfers onto greased parchment paper, tracing pencil templates.

  • For my parents: Recent changes in school necessitated the same changes in school spirit, so I made them Cal logo spiced shortbread cookies. I made transfers by piping onto greased parchment paper over traced pencil templates.

Birthday cupcake fleet:

  • For the stack of raccoons in my life: A little backstory on this one. A close friend of mine knows that I abhor raccoons and their tiny hands and their rubbing things and washing things and touching everything just too gently and aaaauuuuu (shudders involuntarily). So of course, he takes every opportunity he gets to send me disturbing raccoon images or gifs that highlight their freaky tiny human paw hands. Also, he might actually be a stack of raccoons, based on his behavior. 
    • For his birthday, I made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, with raccoon royal icing transfers (gross little hands included):

I can't believe I stayed up until 3am making this tiny army of my worst fears.

    •  And for packaging, it would only be fair that the raccoons lived in tiny trash cans. I flattened foil tin liners with the bottom of a drinking glass and cut a small crosshair to put a candle into as a handle for the lid (which conveniently also kept wax from dripping onto the cupcakes). 

What's in the trashcan?
    • Upon lifting the lid, the would-be consumer was greeted by the sight of a rotund raccoon, sitting atop some sprinkles and oreo crumb "trash". 
Surprise trash panda! This one is a test cupcake; the tip of the tail broke off.

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