Thursday, October 17, 2013


Hello! It's been quite a while.

I've been up to the usual: Classes, dance, spinning, reading, writing, fangirling over cars and motorcycles.

But I've also been working on a little something. It's a pipe dream project I've had spinning around my head since freshman year (has it really been two years since then?!?!?), and I'm currently in the process of applying for funding to make this the most awesome costume prop I've ever made.

Here's some teaser pics of the concept I've been developing. There will be electronics, and carbon fiber, and maybe, just maybe, some cyberpunk.

So many small drawings of heads! What could it all mean...?

Those look suspiciously like some LEDs drawn there...

It's been a while since I've worked with modeling clay, but I figured for my interview tomorrow for funding, that I should bring something presentable, if I didn't have a CAD model yet. And since SolidWorks is so annoying about curves... (grumble grumble)

I have to admit, there's something to be said about going to a convention under the confines of a tinted helmet. It's both liberating and limiting in a way; you don't have to worry about people judging your face or your choice of costume for your gender (or the ever-dreaded, "does she even game? I bet she's just another one of those self-proclaimed 'nerd girls'" -.-), but you also feel less attached to the bustle of the convention atmosphere, as if you're an aloof observer that nobody can read, under your black plastic visor. Certainly, I got a lot more compliments on my actual cosplay while I was wearing the helmet, compared to the awkward small talk and double takes I got when my helmet was off. This year, I'm thinking to go the same route, with the androgynous figure and helmeted face.

But trust me, it was real tempting to go in skintight leather, razor steppin' through the crowds at PAX East like a boss.