Sunday, March 22, 2015

Keira Hagai Cosplay Part 2

After finishing the crop top and pants, it was time to get the rest of the cosplay pulled together, including little details like the straps around the knees and shoes, the belt, and the choker.

While I was on a budget for this, I did do one little splurge since I wasn't spending as much on making a prop. I bought some really nice, disturbingly well-integrating elf ears, because for some reason the characters in this franchise can't be expected to ever wear a helmet. And I also bought a huge pair of goggles because extraneous goggles are about as ubiquitous as extraneous belts in 90s character designs.
Believe it or not, I've actually used these ears a few times after this cosplay for completely unrelated events.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Keira Hagai Cosplay Part 1

I knew all along that senior year was going to kick my butt. So I purposefully chose a low-key, non-prop-based cosplay, a throwback to simpler times of my youth: Jak and Daxter. I spent a lot of time as player 3, the strategist without a controller, watching my brother and his friends play video games. That's where my love of being a video game spectator began; it was like watching your friends star in interactive movies. So when I was staring at my hair in the mirror, wondering how I'd be able to not use a wig or a helmet, I immediately thought about Keira Hagai, the awesome mechanic (and Jak's eventual love interest) in the franchise.
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