Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zer0 Cosplay: Props and Results

So the costume for this cosplay was enough of a struggle. But I hadn't even begun my pieces de resistance: The helmet and the sword.

I initially wanted to make a silicon mold of the helmet, then cast it in plastic after making it all professional looking. But as a first timer at both mold making and casting, let it suffice to say that I was thoroughly disillusioned on making this happen with any semblance of speed and niceness in the confines of my dorm room. So I turned to the next best thing: Making the helmet as shiny and nice as possible, and simply hollow out the foam on the inside.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Zer0 Cosplay: Costuming

So primarily what I'll be blogging about here will be my own little side projects, and the occasional project for school. My current work is in preparation for a cosplay at PAX East, which is a gaming convention that I've attended for two years now.

Last March, I cosplayed as Zer0 from Borderlands 2. This was probably my most complicated cosplay at the time; my two prior ones were the Engineer from Team Fortress 2, and Surge from X-Men, both of which relied mainly on sewing fabric and altering bought clothes, with some gauntlet making from molding materials or cardboard.

For the Zer0 cosplay, I found myself making two props: the sword and the helmet. In addition, the rest of the outfit required a more armored look, which I achieved via craft foam, sewn to the jacket under a layer of spray-painted lycra.

So in this costuming section, here's a pic dump of the process I went through to create the armored jacket and ...interesting pants that Zer0 wears.