Sunday, March 22, 2015

Keira Hagai Cosplay Part 2

After finishing the crop top and pants, it was time to get the rest of the cosplay pulled together, including little details like the straps around the knees and shoes, the belt, and the choker.

While I was on a budget for this, I did do one little splurge since I wasn't spending as much on making a prop. I bought some really nice, disturbingly well-integrating elf ears, because for some reason the characters in this franchise can't be expected to ever wear a helmet. And I also bought a huge pair of goggles because extraneous goggles are about as ubiquitous as extraneous belts in 90s character designs.
Believe it or not, I've actually used these ears a few times after this cosplay for completely unrelated events.

I continued disassembling the purse to make enough material for the gauntlets, which I sewed in two pieces that attached with snaps at the wrist and crook of the elbow.

I left a small gap that was disconnected at the wrist band to give myself more flexibility in movement. For the wrist bandages (more extraneous prop tropes!) I cut the white shirt in part 1 into strips, roughed the edges up with a rasp, and wrapped them onto my arms the morning of, securing them with some body glue.

I covered the goggles in first a layer of yellow paint for opacity, and then a layer of orange metallic paint, and finally streaks of gold paint sharpie. I think that gave it a more weathered realistic look, instead of looking like plastic prop goggles that are not safety rated in any way.
Finally, I made some simple folded straps for the knees, shoes, and belt. The belt had loops sewn on the inside for the real belt on the waistband of the pants to thread into, and the knee and shoe straps were attached using adhesive velcro on the respective surfaces. I took the remaining scrap from the purse and sewed it onto the existing sleeves of the crop top.

Two nights (two whole nights!) before PAX East, I was done. Here's a laid out shot of everything in the cosplay. Funny how much easier this was when I wasn't trying to make both a costume and a realistic prop weapon or helmet...

And right before I left on the big day! I failed to consider that a crop top and capri cosplay in the middle of March in Massachusetts might not have been the best idea, but the rosy shores of nostalgia kept me warm regardless.
Things worse than cold: Accidentally whacking your fake wobbly ears, synthetic leather chafing, strangers staring at you on the T.
Overall, the lowest effort cosplay I've made, which was to be expected given my much longer history with sewing than with prop fabrication. But it was comfortable, simple, and quick, and still a lot of fun. This cosplay was also a significant step for me regarding comfort zone and body esteem; not only was this the first time in several years where I had my face showing/was not pretending to be a man, but it was a crop top on top of all that. I was pleased that no lingering awful situations happened due to these decisions; if anything, the few people that recognized me were just very excited to see such an uncommon character from an old franchise.

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